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Dear Friend of Mine,

Please don't text me before 9AM unless it's an emergency. "Get up. apply for jobs. get employed. kick ass." is not appropriate to send someone at six thirty in the morning. Not all of us have full time jobs that start at ass o'clock in the morning. Some of us are on a 3-10 sleep schedule, meaning that I'd been asleep for two hours when your text jolted me into wakefulness. If that's not enough, for the last five days I'd been woken up unceremoniously at 4 by birds or traffic or dogs or the like, and this was the first day I hadn't. But when your text woke me up that was all I could hear. You may live in a quiet gated community, but I live near a 45mph road.

And it threw off my day, because even though I don't have a job as you constantly remind me, I do have a volunteer position that starts at two. And today was the day I was going to ride in early and eat lunch at the sushi place I've wanted to try since it opened a few years ago. But staying up an hour and then falling back to sleep threw me off, and now I've woken up at 11:30. Oh, I could still go, but by the time I skip breakfast and bike the three miles I think I might pass out.

You are one of my best friends, but the lesson in all of this is: don't text people at 6AM with encouraging shit that just reminds them early in the morning that you have a job and they don't. You don't know what their plans are for the day or how waking up that early will throw them off, and after three years of friendship I'd hope you know I have a hard time sleeping through the night.

Thank you.
I love David Cook. I love him as a person, and as a musician; his song Declaration is one of my favorite songs of all time. His self titled album was totally my jam for a while in 2008, and Permanent still makes me cry whenever I listen to it.

Which is why I'm disappointed in This Loud Morning. On first play through only a few songs stand out to me (Circadian, Time Marches On, The Last Goodbye, and Paper Heart) the rest kind of blurred in my head because they all sound the same. David does ballads well, but what I really like him doing is rock. That's probably why I like The Last Goodbye and Paper Heart so much is because those are closer to what I love him doing. I also felt like all the ballads had the same verse, but we'll see if that opinion changes when I listen again closer.

I did like the way that the second and third songs blend together, but after the first play through I went to MCR's Danger Days and played the first two songs because those are perfection together, even if the first isn't really a song. Perhaps because Danger Days was the last CD I bought before this one but I kept comparing them. Both have an overall theme/concept, but Danger Days managed to do it while being distinct with each song (compare The Kids From Yesterday to Planetary (Go!), for instance). This Loud Morning doesn't seem to have managed that quite as well.

Then again I also know that you can't judge a CD on the first listen. On my second listen the songs don't sound so similar, and I'm sure I'll love this CD like I did the first.

ETA: Okay, it's been about 12 hours since I first got this CD, and I've changed my mind. My least favorite song is Fade Into Me, and that's because it goes on too long. Paper Heart better be the next single, or something is very wrong. It has 16 plays on Media Player and that's low because I've been restraining myself. The songs I mentioned liking above are still the ones I like best, but the rest are growing on me. The transitions from 2 and 3 are lovely, Danger Days still did it better though.

Movie Review - Spoilers for Pirates 4

Okay, so apparently this is where I come to rant about things I see/read now.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Strange Tides. On Stranger Tides? I don't remember. Too lazy to look it up. (Brief sidebar to state how much I hate the woman who lives above me and her click clack heels and the fact that she's seemed to make a habit of waking me up every morning by throwing things to the floor.)

This movie lived up to my expectations; that is - it wasn't near as good as the others, but was as good as Dead Man's Chest. Dead Man's Chest was entertaining, but it felt lacking. Which is exactly what this movie felt to me. The new characters weren't very interesting. I loved Penelope Cruz as Angelica and her character was the strongest of the new ones, but she was the ONLY new character I liked (though I'll admit that every time she was thrown around I went !!! in my head and desperately hoped it was a body double because I know she was pregnant while filming this). Blackbeard had no motivation to make him likable. Oh, sure, he was going to die at the hands of the one legged man but that's not the same as Davy Jones from 2 and 3 who had the back story of Calypso.

Perhaps my biggest problem with the movie was the lack of new music. I figured going in that even if the movie sucked the music would be amazing because it's the same guy who did the first three and I love love loved all of those. But no. It's just a rehashing of all the old music. I think I found maybe one new two minutes of music that was maybe used twice. That was a real let down for me.

I think that's all I have to rant about for this movie. All in all, glad I saw it. Probably won't buy it on DVD the same way I enjoyed Iron Man 2 and didn't buy that on DVD. Although I will probably see the inevitable Pirates 5 in theaters.

Book Review: The Lost Hero

I just finished Rick Riordan's The Lost Hero, which is the first book in his sequel series to the Percy Jackson books, which I loved. I have to say, I wasn't as impressed with this as I was hoping to be. There will be spoilers in this for all the previous books as well as this one.

The Plot: The only interesting part to me was the part where Percy has been kidnapped. I wasn't sure I was going to even read the next books until the last few pages where it's revealed that Percy is probably in the Roman Camp Half-Blood with his memory erased same as Jason. The overall plot seems to be the rising of Gaea, the mother of Kronos, who was the main villain in the Percy Jackson series. If this sounds eerily similar to the plot of the first series, that's because that plot was to - wait for it - stop Kronos from rising. Can't the author think of a better plot or is he just figuring it worked once so why not again? I'm interested to see where the rest of the characters come in, since there are supposed to be seven heroes and this book only had three (unless Percy or Annabeth or Nico are included in this, which would make me happy).

The Characters: Jason is boring, Piper's will she or won't she was annoying, and Leo was the most interesting of them. I get that Jason is supposed to be awesome having basically been the Percy Jackson of the Roman camp, and when he was listing off all his accomplishments to the giant king who's name I don't remember I got the feeling I was supposed to be impressed. But I wasn't. If you put all of Percy's accomplishments together it sounds pretty impressive too. However the reason it IS impressive is because we SAW him do all those things. Jason is just saying words to me and I don't really have any attachment to his actions; I didn't share them with him. Also the whole "Oh yeah, Thalia totally had a brother she never mentioned" kind of made me side eye Riordan.

Piper's whole I Need To Betray My Friends thing was annoying. When she finally told Leo and Jason what was going on, they were totally okay with it. I would have preferred there be some fallout to her non-actions instead of having everything work out alright for her. At the end of The Lightning Thief when it's revealed that Luke is working for Kronos, that was powerful. His betrayal was unexpected and a huge blow to Percy: the first friend he'd made here had turned on him. But because we saw into Piper's head about her struggle it didn't have the same effect. Also because she didn't actually do it. Maybe it was just me, but her angst about her father not loving her didn't do anything for me because it was obvious that he did love her. And that means that their tearful reunion where she gives him the amnesia potion didn't do much either. Although I am glad that he took it, because now I do actually feel bad for her. Piper's most interesting moment for me was at the end when she stood up to Drew. Her speech about Drew was inspiring and her realization that she's just a bully and can't really hurt her made me smile. However she lost me when she made it about Jason. Standing up to a bully shouldn't be about a guy, it should be about standing up to a bully. I felt that it cheapened her speech.

Leo I actually liked for the most part. His past about his mother was sad, especially because it was actually him starting the fire. He and Hera's relationship is interesting and it was nice to see that play out - I liked how he kept calling her Tia Callida even after he learned who she really was. I think why I like Leo so much is that his journey in the book more closely resembles Percy's than anyone else's does. He was a misfit who found his home and purpose and turned out to be brilliant at it. When he pulls everyone into Bunker 9 (I think that's what it's called, I already turned in the book so I can't check) and shows everyone that he's supposed to do this I was really proud of him. He came a long way during the book.

Um, I think that's all I wanted to say, except that ugh at Nico only getting a passing mention. Also I've discovered that I have more issues with Piper than the others. >_


So the last couple of days have been pretty awesome. Andy finally started playing Fire Emblem 9 again, starting over from the beginning because his characters weren't the greatest. I'm also in the process of replaying number 10, so it's been non stop Fire Emblem, which I am perfectly fine with. I'm at the part in 10 where Andy's not allowed to look at the screen anymore while I'm playing cause there's spoilers on practically every line.

Basically it's been me watching him playing FE9 and us having fun together.

However this morning I got up at 4 because I was in too much pain to consider sleeping, accidentally woke Andy up when I left the room and then HE couldn't get back to sleep, so I feel guilty about that. He hasn't been sleeping that great lately, and there's not really anything I can do, which makes me feel helpless, which I HATE.

I was also going to do laundry today, but I can't until Andy gets back from class to lend me money. T_T I thought the machine took credit cards, but nope, only bills, of which I have five ones.

Oh well, I'm gonna curl up with my heating pad and play FE10, methinks.

Oct. 8th, 2009

So somehow by clicking on a link to a site I trust I got a bunch of trojans on my laptop. My virus scan fixed a most of them or quarantined them, but I keep getting redirected to sites I didn't ask for so something is still wrong. Sigh.
Andy's got a friend over playing Smash Bros. They're both so much better than me I don't really want to play either of them one on one (I can get Andy down to one life a lot of the time, but I still don't win that often, and I've never played the other guy) and three person matches aren't very fun. It always ends up as two people playing, and then the other one poking at them from the side.

So here I am in the corner of the room in the semi-comfortable chair with my laptop. There's really no point to this post, just that I'm bored, just so you know.

So I think I've got the bill paying thing down. Possibly. Andy's mom is going to pay the main rent part online every month, and Andy'll pay the utilities via check. Then I'll write a check for my half of all that and get it to Andy's mom somehow. There were so many plans going around at one point that I was really confused as to what we were actually doing. But as I said, I think I've got it down.

I wish his mom liked me more, she thinks I'm an idiot, and treats me as such.
Yesterday was fun, overall. First major get together of the year, but there has to be another one with the rest of the group gets here. I had to leave early cause I had cramps and a headache and kind of just wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep until Sunday when Andy gets here.

I really miss him. It's not like we haven't gone this long without seeing each other before, and I did enjoy having the apartment to myself for a while but still. I want him home now.


Apartment and Hotel Dusk

Well I've been in the new apartment for a little over a week now, and I still love it. The more time I spend here the more I notice what's wrong with it and it's only enforced that this is an old building.

The windows are thin and the people next to me always have their fan on so that's distracting to fall asleep to. The bath leaks from the shower head if you turn both the hot and cold water on at the same time, though thankfully only for about 15 seconds. And after you turn the water off it still runs for about a minute until it tapers off.

But I still love it. This feels more like MY apartment than last year's did, possibly because last year it was me and a friend, this time it's me and my boyfriend. Also the location is fantastic; right off the Park Blocks. Not even OFF the Park Blocks, ON them.

In a random change of subject I finished Hotel Dusk: Room 215 today. While I enjoyed the game immensely and it was full of good plot and characters I was really disappointed with the ending. (SPOILERS AHEAD) Nothing was resolved! You got the answers to a bunch of questions and the story behind the events of the game and the past were explained, but of the five people missing none were actually found, you just found WHY they were missing.

It's been two years since the game came out, and I really hope they do make a sequel eventually because so much was left hanging. I liked the character of Jeff Angel until he practically disappeared from the game, having nothing to do with the main plot. When he showed up to say goodbye to Kyle before he left I was like "Oh yeah, you exist."

All in all a good game, PLEASE let there be a sequel.
Well, Andy and I moved into our apartment Saturday. It's been amazing so far. We just got internet set up today, and sadly we both agree that it feels more like an actual home now. >.< So of course once we finally get set up the hot water starts having issues. The cold water is working fine, but when you turn the faucet to hot it just splutters at you. I think the whole building is having issues, because the maintenance guy (Andre, I think is his name) was supposed to come by around 11 and fix our windows (two of them won't shut) showed up in the hall around 2:30 and was like "I'm really really busy, do you mind if I come back tomorrow?" which was fine.

Andy has to go back to Olympia on Friday, because his mom wants to spend more time with him (read: wants to make him do more yard work). I'm staying here, though, so people should totally visit me!

It might not be the best apartment, but I really like it and so does Andy. ^_^


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